5 Jobs You Can Have With An Interdisciplinary Studies Degree

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Updated December 17, 2020

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Interdisciplinary Studies Jobs

  • Journalist
  • Archaeologist
  • Political Scientist
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • College Professor

Earning an interdisciplinary studies degree lets you take classes from a range of disciplines instead of focusing on topics relating to a specific field of study. When you enroll in one of these programs though, you might wonder what you can do in the future. Those who study accounting or graphic design know that they want to work as accountants or designers. As interdisciplinary studies programs let you take classes in dozens of different subjects, you may need to think about your career goals and build a program that relates to one of the following jobs.


As the media switches from magazines and traditional news programs to online content, the need for journalists will drop. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field will experience a 9% decline in the coming years. Enrolling in an interdisciplinary program helps you find work as others fail. These programs help you learn more about writing and communications but also provide you with knowledge of political science, computer science, business and other subjects.

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An archaeologist is someone who looks at the lives of others and identifies new information relating to those populations. Though you can enroll in a traditional archaeology program, you can also enroll in an interdisciplinary program that lets you take classes in archaeology, psychology, sociology and other subjects. This gives you a better understanding of human behavior and helps you think both creatively and critically about the data available to you.

Political Scientist

Many colleges that offer interdisciplinary studies degree allow students to pick and choose from classes that will help them work as political scientists. Political scientists monitor the political situations in the United States and foreign countries to decide what individuals and groups should do. They might make recommendations about how local citizens can protect themselves or make recommendations to the governments in those countries. In an interdisciplinary program, you can take classes in political science, law, communications and history.

Public Relations Specialist

If you love speaking in front of others and have strong organizational skills, working as a public relations specialist might be a great choice for you. Also known as PR reps, these professionals often work for PR companies and in marketing or advertising departments. They are the ones responsible for helping the general public learn about new products and concepts. Taking classes in communications, marketing, business and other topics can help make you one of the top PR reps around.

College Professor

An interdisciplinary program is also a good choice for those who want to work as college professors. Though you might think that you should major in the subject you want to teach, enrolling in an interdisciplinary program gives you a better understanding of how other topics relate to the subjects you cover with your future students. A history professor might take classes in philosophy, religion, and sociology to show students how political, religious and social issues impacted people over the years.
Interdisciplinary programs are unique because students enrolled in those programs can take classes from multiple disciplines and earn a bachelor's degree. These programs let you study communications, literature, foreign languages, the performing arts, business and even computer science. Before completing your interdisciplinary studies degree, give some thought to the career you hope to have one day and whether you want to work as a college professor, political scientist or in other positions.

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