5 Jobs With a Master’s in Legal Studies

5 Jobs With a Master’s in Legal Studies

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Updated December 18, 2020

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Legal Studies Jobs

  • Compliance Director
  • Legal Consultant
  • Federal Regulatory Agent
  • Private Investigator
  • Court Administrator

A master's in legal studies degree equips students with the skills needed to carry out intensive analyses and accurate interpretations of the legal system. Candidates learn different topics, such as legal research, terminologies and procedures. This degree is often pursued by those who wish to expand their knowledge of the law and open more doors for career growth. Here are the top five most popular careers you can do with a master's in legal studies.

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Compliance Director

Compliance directors work with private and public institutions to ensure they accomplish their compliance objectives. They do this by producing value-added employee results, offering legal advice and opinion and directing the staff. They also determine accountability, enforce government regulations and establish compliance operational strategies. Compliance directors usually operate as independent contractors. Others work in large corporations to help them comply with the existing government regulations. They earn an average salary of $99,734 per year. The salary ranges from $57,722 to $159,122.

Legal Consultant

Legal consultants provide assistance to both public and private companies on legal matters. Their duty mainly involves providing assistance and advice on legal documentation, contracts and negotiations. They ensure that the rights and the legitimate interests of their clients are protected within a specific legal framework. They are also responsible for maintaining their clients' public image and conducting new legal research. A majority of legal consultants work as self-employed professionals. Others are employed by large corporations and government institutions. They earn a median salary of $115,820 per year.

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Federal Regulatory Agent

Federal regulatory agents monitor areas such as finance, environment and media and make laws to govern the activities in these areas. They work to ensure organizations and citizens follow the laws and regulations put in place by the relevant authorities. They also ensure that the citizens are safe from substandard products, criminals and terrorists. Federal regulatory agents can work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), US Border Patrol, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and many other commissions within the US government. They earn an average salary of $116,997 per year, which is quite impressive. Most agents benefit from several allowances provided due to the nature of the work they do.

Private Investigator

Private investigators help law enforcement units and companies perform legal research, investigate crimes and find missing persons. They conduct research by analyzing the legal records, carrying out computer investigations and doing background checks on individuals who apply for jobs. They also interview people to gather facts and carry out surveillance to find out the activities of a person or company. They work with private citizens, lawyers, businesses or law enforcement units. Most of them open their own agencies and operate as independent contractors. Private investigators who have master's degrees in legal studies earn as high as $120,374 per year.

Court Administrator

Court administrators control the daily operations of the federal, state and local courts. Their duties involve planning and overseeing the administrative functions, formulating budgets, developing schedules and managing court procedures. They also act as liaisons between the court and the public, private organizations and the government. Some court administrators manage certain divisions of the court while others control the entire court. The salary of court administrators varies with the size and number of courts they manage. Those who are in charge of state and federal courts earn more than those who manage local courts. Administrators with MLS degrees earn as high as $90,000. A majority of them work in federal courts.

Majoring in an MLS degree in a recognized institution gives you an opportunity to benefit from a wide range of career opportunities. The list discussed above will give you some helpful insights on the best jobs to do with a master's in legal studies.

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